Jan 2018


There are certain arts that have a particularly ‘lonely’ component built in.  While creating the art, which can span a long period of time, it is not possible to know if it will ultimately bring pleasure or enlightenment to anyone else. However, artists do not have a choice about producing their art. It is in them, bursting to come out, and nothing can stop it. My art is writing and I have found that a very lonely experience as it is so difficult to get openings for sharing it and feedback to know if you are going in the right direction. In asking various professional people for help I was eventually directed to Sally and it proved to be exactly what I was looking for. I needed to have my work read and professionally assessed and most importantly given guidance as to where to go next. Sally provided this to a very high standard, and still is, as she makes it clear that once engaged with her she will continue to work with you as long as it is deemed useful.

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