Feb 2024

Eleni Kariacou

Author of  She Came To Stay published 2020

I used Sally’s services through TLC’s manuscript assessment five years ago. I knew my book lacked a certain something but had been struggling to discover what that actually was. I also had several plot and character related questions I wanted to ask a professional – someone who didn’t know the book at all – and her track record made her the perfect person.

Sally’s report was a game-changer for me. I was amazed at the detail and depth of her comments and can honestly say that without her insight and invaluable advice my book would never have been published. She sent me pages of comments that helped me see the way through and motivate me to getting it done. As well as seeing what was needed in the book, she saw its strengths and helped me realise that it was worth persevering and that my dream – of getting published – could be a reality if I was willing to put in the work.

As I rewrote and rewrote, I kept Sally’s comments on my desktop and referred to them constantly. A couple of years later, the same novel was noticed by Hachette’s Future Bookshelf initiative and I was offered a publishing deal with Hodder & Stoughton, and also got an agent, Abi Fellows at the Good Literary Agency.

I’d recommend Sally to anyone who wants an honest, professional, in-depth assessment of where they really are with their work in progress and what they need to do to make it fit for publication.

Sally: It was a pleasure to work with Eleni on her first book in my capacity as a reader for The Literacy Consultancy

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