Everyone who has visited Bailiffscourt in the heart of rural West Sussex has been enchanted by the beauty of the building and the air of tranquil timelessness that surrounds it. This is the story of this unique and lovely place, and how it came to be so special. The book goes right back to Bailiffscourt’s first foundations just after the Norman conquest, covers the period in the 1920s when the current extraordinary building was conceived and built by Lady Moyne and her inspired architect Amyas Phillips, and continues up until the time my grandmother founded the first hotel there. There is a detailed chapter about the beautiful Norman chapel in the grounds and an illustrated appendix, explaining the origins of many of the original pieces of medieval furniture still in the building. There is also a page listing some of the many celebrities that have stayed there over the years

Details: A4 Hardback, 67 pages with colour illustrations throughout

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I was lucky enough to grow up at Bailiffscourt during the 1960s and 1970s.  This is the story of this extraordinary place, and the tale of how my grandmother, Emmy Birer, created the first hotel here in the 1940s.