Feb 2024

Chloe Timms

Author of The Seawomen published 2022

Having the opportunity to work with Sally on The Seawomen as part of the Chapter and Verse scheme with The Literary Consultancy was fantastic. The way she asked questions of my story and characters encouraged me to think more critically and carefully about my choices in everything from word choice to plot direction and this is something that will stay with me throughout my writing career. Sally’s feedback on my work was detailed and thought-provoking, enabling me to see what worked and what didn’t, in light of what I was trying to achieve. She was more than happy to help clarify comments and suggestions and even help me see a way forward in problems I was having. Her encouragement and belief in me as a writer kept me pushing forward, even at times when I was struggling or hit a block. She would always reassure me that none of the issues were things I couldn’t solve. The critiques weren’t always easy to hear, but Sally’s comments were always constructive and insightful, reminding me constantly that I was skilled enough to improve the areas that needed work.

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