Feb 2024

Sophie Haydock

Author of The Flames published 3rd March 2022

Sally O-J offered the most precious of elements to me as a writer who’d been grappling with her first novel for four years and was losing patience and perspective. I’d been reading the same lines over and over again and was riddled with self doubt. She boosted my confidence, helping me to fall back in love with my characters, offering valued guidance for where to tighten the plot, and shone a light on various anachronisms that had slipped through the net. Essentially, it was Sally’s palpable enthusiasm that gave me the boost to push through and get the final draft of The Flames finished, which in turn led to me securing my dream agent and landing a two-book publishing deal with Doubleday. Sally is a joy to work with, and exceedingly generous with her time and insights.

Sally : I was very lucky to work with Sophie through my work with The Literary Consultancy

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