Feb 2024

Hayley Campbell

Author of All the Living and the Dead published March 2022

“Sally has a such a gift for finding weak points in your story that she could probably have a lucrative side gig poking holes in alibis for the police. Instead she’s here to guide you gently but firmly out of the weeds. Her honest feedback, objective criticism and thoughtful questioning made my book a far greater thing than it would have been without her. She makes visible the problems you’ve stopped seeing, or never knew existed. You may not always agree with her, but in discussing why you think she’s wrong you will stumble upon what it is you actually mean but neglected to write down and she will say “There, write that”. It’s just one of her magic tricks. She is worth far more than any of us are paying her. P.S. Sally, this does not mean you can send another invoice.”

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