In general, authors ask me to look at their manuscripts in a holistic way after they have completed them. I then assist in every area of the development of the plot and the characterisation. I also work on grammar and spelling as a matter of course.

You send me:

  • The whole manuscript of your book, up to 450 pages.  (There will be an additional charge of £10 for each 25 pages thereafter.)
  • A covering letter, as if you were submitting the chapters to an agent.
  • Synopsis.

I will provide:

  •  A written report, with feedback and advice on the manuscript and on the covering letter and synopsis.
  • Your returned manuscript, marked up with my comments and suggestions.
  • One face-to-face meeting or Skype call of up to four hours to give additional feedback and support. This can be talking through the written report in more detail, or focusing on particular areas.  You must be able to travel to Brighton for the meeting, and travel is at your own expense.  We will meet in central Brighton, very close to the station.
  • Up to three hours of additional feedback and support via telephone or email.  Please note that you would make the telephone calls.

Price: £970     

If there are special circumstances I am able to discuss payment plans. I am also open to discussing other submission options.


Some authors want me to work with them as the book is developing. This is a much more intensive service than the one above and can really only be quoted after discussion.


This service can be quoted on sight of manuscript.